Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Are you Licensed and Insured?


A -  Yes we are and we can supply a Certificate of Insurance and a copy of our license upon request.  This should be the first question you ask any contractor.


Q - Do you remove the clapboards from my home?


A - We can if that is what you prefer but siding can be installed over clapboards.


Q - Do you put insulation under the siding?


A - Yes, we use 3/8" P38 Green Guard insulation under your new siding, which will help cut your heating and cooling bills now, and help save money in the future.  Wood framing makes up about 25% of a home's walls.  By installing insulation over old siding or directly to the studs reduces energy loss.


Q - Do you leave my existing gutters on or will we get new ones?


A - We will inspect your existing gutters to determine if they need to be replaced.  If so we will quote the cost of replacing the gutters in your proposal.


Q - What about my Landscaping?


A - We take pride in leaving your property the way we found it.  Each day when we are done your driveway will be swept.  When we are done with all the work, your yard and driveway will be swept with a magnet to pick up any stray nails that we may have missed.


Q - Do you have samples of the siding and roofing shingles?


A - Yes we do have samples that we will bring to you when we meet with you.


Q - Do you have references?


A - Yes we would be more than happy to give you a list of references so you can see their homes and contact the homeowner to ask them questions.


Q - Do you install windows in the winter?


A - Yes and we use our "one at a time" process to try to keep your home temperature reduction to a minimum.